Meet Lauri Traub

Meet Lauri Traub

Minnesota Lawyer has named Lauri Attorney of the Year twice, in 2012 for litigation that resulted in the closure of the St. Paul Police Department Crime Lab and again in 2015 for her work as the lead attorney on the high profile murder case State of Minnesota v. Brian George Fitch.

Lauri started her law career when her children were in 7th, 3rd, and 1st grade – no easy feat, and graduated with honors three years later.

In her first trial as a public defender, Lauri represented a client who had bit the nose off of another man. She presented a self-defense case, worked with an investigator to locate witnesses who had failed to speak with law enforcement previously, and won her case. From that moment, she was hooked. She knew being a trial lawyer was her passion. Eleven years and 56 trials later, Lauri still brings the same dedication to her work.

Lauri has vast experience in a wide variety of criminal cases. She has represented clients in both juvenile and adult court, and handled cases ranging from disorderly conduct up to First Degree murder. What sets her apart from other criminal defense attorneys is her specialized training in forensic issues, including DNA, drug testing, firearms, and crash reconstruction.

Now, Lauri has opened her own private practice, bringing her expertise, comforting presence, and go-getter spirit to each client. When you hire Lauri, you are in the very best hands.

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