If you are an attorney with a case involving specialized forensic areas, Lauri can help you with your case.

Lauri can provide everything from a file review to see if you need an expert (plus, help you find the right expert) to second chair services cross-examining the State’s expert witnesses, to helping with opening statements and closing arguments.

Hear about the expertise Lauri has provided attorneys from the attorneys themselves:

I consulted with Lauri on a one vehicle accident that involved a fatality.  She was able to “deconstruct” the state’s reconstruction, finding a flaw that affected the entire conclusion. 

Lauri explained the science to me in understandable terms, and assisted me with the trial by cross examining the state trooper.  It became clear through her cross that when this flaw in the state’s case was corrected it was actually impossible for my client to stop her vehicle in time once she left the road. 

We achieved an acquittal in large part because of Lauri’s consultation and expertise. 

I strongly encourage anyone with a complex crash reconstruction to consult with Lauri Traub.

Catherine Hanson

Attorney at Law

Lauri Traub is the best trial attorney I have ever seen. Besides her skill at picking jurors and in cross-examination, Lauri’s unmatched knowledge of DNA can turn what appears to be an open-and-shut case into a “Not Guilty” verdict.

I had a client charged with armed robbery, looking at prison time. The suspect wore a mask, and the only evidence the State had against my client was a DNA mixture containing his profile.  The State was also trying to bring in evidence from two other, similar robberies where the State believed DNA evidence implicated my client.  Without DNA knowledge, this case looks like a dead bang loser.

Lauri looked at the underlying file and cross-examined the analyst at a Spriegl hearing.  Through her cross examination of the BCA analyst she was able to show the judge that the identity of the suspect in those robberies could not be determined from the DNA.  The judge kept that evidence out of the trial.

At trial, Lauri cross-examined the analyst and got her to admit she could not say if my client was the perpetrator based on the DNA evidence, and that the DNA evidence could just as easily be from another person as my client. She worked with me to explain the science so I could address it in my closing.  My client was looking at prison when I first got the case and in the end the jury acquitted my client.  If you have a case involving DNA you need to consult with Lauri Traub.

Gordon Cohoes

Attorney at Law

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