When you work with Lauri, you’ll have the benefit of her breadth of experience as well as her specialized expertise. She’s handled every type of criminal case from disorderly conduct to First Degree Murder. Lauri aggressively represents all of her clients, and will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Plus, Lauri has specialized knowledge in several areas that most attorneys do not. If your case involves any of these specialized areas below, you need Lauri Traub in your corner.

If your case involves DNA, you need a lawyer with extensive DNA training and litigation experience. That attorney is Lauri Traub.

While DNA has long been thought of as the “gold standard” in evidence, this evidence alone doesn’t win a case. Prosecutors use DNA evidence in more and more cases including criminal sexual conduct, felon in possession, burglary, robbery and theft. Prosecutors tell juries that DNA is a sure sign of guilt. In many cases it isn’t, but the jury will never hear that unless you have an attorney who has the knowledge to aggressively cross-examine the state’s expert witnesses and communicate the science effectively to the jury.

When hiring an attorney to represent you on a controlled substance crime,

hire the attorney whose investigation and subsequent litigation lead to the closure of the St. Paul Police Department’s Crime Lab. That’s Lauri Traub.

She has specialized knowledge that other attorneys can’t offer. Her knowledge in drug testing has lead to successful search warrant challenges for misleading statements from drug task force agents. She has taken on multiple constitutional violations by law enforcement and members of the drug task force, leading to pre-trial dismissal of many cases. Lauri is the expert you need in this area.

The legal and scientific communities used to think that firearm and tool mark evidence was infallible. Prosecutors continue to try to convince juries that the evidence seals the cases. The scientific community has shown that this is not always the case, but

not enough defense attorneys are informed about the fault in the science. Lauri is.

She has training and trial experience in firearm and tool mark evidence that she will use to challenge the evidence in your case, as well as communicate the flaws in the “science” to a jury. If your case involves firearm, tool mark, or shoe print evidence you need Lauri fighting for you.

Lauri has 6 weeks of crash reconstruction training through the Institute of Police Technology and Management; the same training the Minnesota State Patrol and other law enforcement agencies attend.

Lauri has presented both locally and nationally on crash reconstruction. She has travelled throughout Minnesota assisting other attorneys with her knowledge and cross-examination of the State’s reconstructionists. Her cross-examination of a trooper in a fatal crash resulted in a not guilty verdict for her client.
She challenged the opinion of a trooper in another fatal crash, leading to the court’s decision to suppress his testimony. The case resolved with a plea to No Proof of Insurance.
Lauri was even able to convince a county attorney to dismiss a criminal vehicular operation case before trial after demonstrating the flaws in the state’s reconstruction. If your case involves a crash reconstruction of any type, you need Lauri on your side.

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